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Linux Open Source Sound :
Welcome to L.O.S.S.

Launched in 2005 by Access Space, the LOSS Project aims to encourage and promote music created with open source software and the Linux operating system.

Welcome to the relaunched LOSS website! After a facelift and a bit of surgery, the LOSS website is now ready to go.

LOSS (Linux Open Source Sound) is an ongoing project to encourage, promote, and support open source music.

LOSS consists of two main elements, the projects and this website.

This website is a music repository and forum where people can post their own open source audio works and decsriptions of their work. Visitors can also post comments but due to the amount of spam we have had I am afraid you now have to register. From time to time we may curate new collections of work uploaded into a CD but we will contact you for your permission first.

Their are two main projects that have been realised thus: The LOSS CD and the LOSS Livecode festival.

We will continue to do excellent projects in the future so keep an eye out!

LOSS is coordinated by Access Space and has been made possible by support from Arts council England, Yorkshire, the PRS Foundation, and Digital South Yorkshire.

This has all been created and made possible with small amounts of funding. If you like this project and you think it is worth while, we'd really appreciate it if you make a donation.

Last 3 tracks uploaded

Jake Harries - waves_cave_29_10_05
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Jake Harries - Stanage_Edge_01Edit01
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Jake Harries - Eh?
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